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Elmer's Island February 23, 2019

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Windy & 75!!! The Crew catches a nice south wind at Elmer's Island.

Sunny & 75 down in late February

Got to love South Louisiana

It was a great day to be down at Elmer's Island kiting. The wind didn't really get kickin' till mid afternoon but boy did it start blowing! We had our OG dynamic Duo out, Lori and Cory as well as Sam, Taylor, and the new guy Holden. It was Holden's second lesson and first time out on the water with the kite and the dude was ripping! He caught his fair share of edges and send the kite slamming into the water but overall a very impressive first day. He was beat after two 45+ minute walks from the east end after forced downwinders (You'll be riding upwind soon, haha.)

Key Takeaways of the day

  • Yum's restaurant on Grand Isle has a delicious club sandwich, great for mid-day refuels. Order ahead! (985) 787-2995

  • Holden kited about 10 miles and walked 4. Not a bad ratio!

  • Cory mostly kept his kite out of the water

  • Lori probably covered the most ground and can really rocket upwind

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