Lake Pontchartrain 

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West End/BuckTown Launch

Mandeville Lakefront/Beach

Kiting in New Orleans
What to Expect

Sketchy launches - Choppy water - Good Food

It's not all doom and gloom kiting here in New Orleans, but you have to really want it, and you NEED to be proficient and kite-confident. The main issue kiting in Lake Potchartrain is the lack of safe entry into the water. There are two main spots. Buck Town Marina, and West End. Buck Town has a large field to launch in but has you traversing a rock jetty to enter and exit the water. West End has a decent field to launch but you are crossing a gravel parking lot and leaving from a de-funk boat launch (It is questionable whether we are welcome here as well). Due to the concrete bulkhead that makes up all of the Southshore, a wind with any north in it will cause horrendous chop and confused sea state.  


There are plenty of cool spots to be had in Lake Pontchartrain, it will just take some exploring and maybe a boat (Google Maps is your friend here :).  

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