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I'm ready, now how do I learn?

Instructional Video Series Below*

Can I teach myself? 

No. Well, anything is possible.. but you won't get away injury free. Imagine trying to wakeboard behind a boat you have no control over, that won't stop when you fall, and you're hooked into it.

Is it dangerous?

Also, no. With the proper guidance, gear, and preparation learning to kiteboarding is relatively safe. It is about as dangerous as learning to ride a bike (Plus you land in water).

Any instructors in Louisiana? - Yes!
Full Service Instructors - Lori and Cori Mier are as good as it gets when learning to kite. They are professionally certified instructors and willing to travel wherever it is windy. Click ThisBayou Boards & Kajun Kites 
Intro Lessons - Taylor Simoneaux, located in New Orleans, will get you on a small foil trainer kite (similar to what is shown in video below) and go over the basic mechanics involved in kiteboarding.  Call him at (337) 578-3313
Alright got it, what's my first step?
Without a doubt, everyone's first stop should be the video series below. Real Watersports did a phenomenal job putting this instructional video series together. It is about 2 hours in length and worth every minute (and FREE). The theories in Kiteboarding are not rocket science, but you do need to spend some time wrapping your head around what needs to happen when you're out there on the water. Remember, it is much easier to think about this stuff when you are not also in the water trying to swim, hold a board, and fly the kite. Not to mention it will save you $$$ once you decide to take lessons because you'll show up on day one well equipped and ready to rip!
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